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Wedding days are precious both for the couple and their families and when all the ceremonies are done with, resulting in a perfect wedding ceremony, it’s time for a lavish reception or Dinner hosting, which may well make the difference between a good wedding and a memorable one. A well planned catering service will take the pressure of food, its presentation and services off you by clearly planning every detail well-on-time.
Catering in Indian wedding has come a long way and now the host need not bother about the food preparation on the wedding day. The recent trend is towards the high-end catering services, offering tailored-to-fit menus designed to satisfy any theme of the marriage, be it indoor or outdoor, ethnic or continental. They not only serve food, but manage the overall event, providing cuisine that is mouth-watering and creative and innovative presentation of the food.
The Catering Menu range has also widened largely. The choice is not restricted to just vegetarian or non-vegetarian food, bit also allows you to choose from Mughlai, South Indian, Rajasthani, Continental, Mexican, Chinese menus.

Catering Menu

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